Feminine Flora Probiotic Supplement - For pH Balance, Digestive Health, & Bloating

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  • Formulated Specifically for Healthy Balance in Women –  Not all probiotics are created equal! Women have exclusive health needs, which is why V. Harmony Feminine Flora contains probiotics specifically meant for vaginal health and digestive irregularity which can help eliminate embarrassing health issues for women of all ages.    
  • Maintain Proper pH Levels – Find feminine balance with a daily probiotic that helps you maintain good bacteria and pH during your period, under stress, traveling, during pregnancy, postpartum or menopause.  Good vaginal tract bacteria and pH levels are key elements in the prevention of unpleasant odors that can come along with bacterial vaginosis.
  • Faster, Efficient Support – These easy-to-swallow capsules absorb quickly into your body’s system.  The Rhamnosus and Acidophilus strains assist in reaching and supporting the vaginal tract, while the Lactis probiotic balances your bacteria directly in the digestive system.  With multiple scientific publications backing these probiotics you can rest assured you have found the right product!
  • Clinically-Studied DNA Proof Strains  – V. Harmony Feminine Flora contains three clinically proven probiotics strains that promote proper pH-balance in both vaginal and digestive health for women of all ages.  V. Harmony Feminine Flora is one of the select brands utilizing the R.P. Strain Verified system during the pre manufacturing process to ensure potency, safety and efficacy.
  • Part Of The V. Harmony Line Of Products – V. Harmony Feminine Flora Probiotic Blend joins V. Harmony Vaginal Moisturizer as a perfect compliment to your feminine health needs.  Women using the V. Harmony system can feel confident about their feminine health and return to their natural state, because Every Woman Deserves Harmony!

V. Harmony Feminine Flora was designed using strain verified probiotics proven to help women maintain a healthy balance of good bacteria. More importantly, we chose clinically-proven ingredients to ensure it’s safe, effective, and helps restore your feminine confidence. A smart and effective way to balance your system, choose

V. Harmony Feminine Flora can help reduce embarrassing feminine health issues, balance vaginal flora and even help diminish bloating.

Product Details:

  • Promotes Vaginal and Digestive Health 
  • Healthy DNA Strain Verified Probiotic Strains 
  • Vegan and Vegetarian Friendly 
  • Gluten Free 
  • Manufactured in GMP-Certified Facility 
  • Contains L. rhamnosus HN001, B. lactis HN019 and L. acidophilus La-14 
  • Volume: 50 Day Supply! 

Take Confidence in our 30 day Guarantee. Try Vulva Harmony for 30 days and if you are not satisfied simply contact us for a full refund.

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